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The Best Way to Organize Your Spotify Playlists

Spotify Playlists – How best to organize them

Have you ever had problems remembering a song that you enjoyed listening to on Spotify several years ago? Because we live in a digital era and the majority of us don’t have a stack of CDs on the shelf, it’s easy to fall in love with a song on your playlist and then forget about it a few months later. This is because most of us don’t own physical copies of the music we listen to. When there is so much new music available on streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, it’s become increasingly difficult to remember the great songs that were released five years ago, particularly if you have many playlists that are regularly updated.

Remember all those great tracks with this one simple trick

About 10 years ago, I started creating a new Spotify playlist for every season and naming it something similar to “2022 Summer”. I would then save the old playlist, “2022 Spring in a folder labeled for the year, 2022. Next, I copy all of the songs from the older playlist into the new playlist and continue adding and removing songs. I repeat this every 4 months or so, so now I have all the playlists, with all of the songs I loved listening to saved. I can now quickly go back to Summer 2015 and find all of the songs I couldn’t stop playing. Spotify allows you to nest folders, so I have a folder called Years and then subfolders with every year I’ve done this.

This is how I’ve chosen to organize my playlists on Spotify but this can easily translate to any music streaming services that allows you to create playlists and folders.

More Suggests for Organizing Your Spotify Playlists

A few other ways I’ve considered organizing and saving my Spotify playlists is by creating a new playlist for every month of the year and either starting from scratch or copying the previous month’s songs over. This would give me an even more detailed snapshot of the songs I was listening to at any given time. To stop my playlists section from becoming too unmanageable, I’ve made extensive use of folders and have folders for Years, Family, Holidays, etc. It makes things a lot easier to navigate. I also save anything I’m currently listening to outside of a folder so that I can quickly access it from my phone or watch.

I’m also a member of a Spotify family account, but I use my own account on all of our home devices. I’ve subscribed to all of their playlists and saved them to my own account so that everyone in the family can listen to their own. I’ve created a folder specifically for my family’s playlists, so they don’t get mixed in with my own. As a result, my account has quick access to any playlists that my family has built. The only downside is that my recommendations are occasionally unexpected.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Spotify Playlists

Although I haven’t attempted it yet, I considered making a playlist folder for all of the CDs I used to own, followed by a folder for each artist and album. This way, I could replicate listening to a single CD from beginning to end. There are nearly infinite ways to organize your playlists and folders, but the key is to start with something before things are unmanageable and you have 100 playlists to sort through. The move from analog to digital media isn’t always straightforward, but the tools we have for organizing music are constantly evolving and improving.



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