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m3u4u | The Best Free IPTV Playlist Editor & EPG

m3u4u has one of the best free EPGs available on the internet. Some of the best IPTV channels from around the world are available for free through GitHub. The problem is that those channels are buried among 8000 other channels. If you’ve ever looked at the massive number of channels available, you might have wondered, how you go about sifting through all of them.

Apps such as TiviMate work great when you add your own m3u IPTV playlist but it becomes a huge chore to go through every channel one by one to reduce the channels down to just the ones you actually want to watch. A site like GitHub or possibly your own IPTV subscription may have multiple playlists available, breaking channels down by language or country. In a case like this, you probably want to watch channels from more than one playlist but it becomes a huge hassle to achieve this directly through your favorite IPTV app.

This is where comes in. Not only does it allow you to merge, edit and sort your IPTV playlists, but you also have access to one of the best free EPG’s available. You will have to set up m3u4u as the EPG source, but once you do that you can go through your channels and match them to the correct channel guide. I’ve used this site extensively to first cut down the channels I don’t want to see and then add an EPG for all the remaining channels.

How do you merge multiple M3U IPTV playlists?

The site makes combining multiple IPTV playlists together super simple. All you have to do from the main screen is go to Playlists and down to Manager.

Once there you can see the playlists you’ve already created and if you have more than one .m3u that you’d like to add, simply go through the process twice for creating a new playlist.

After creating more than one playlist, all you have to do is go back to the Playlists menu option at the top and down to Merger. From there you can choose multiple IPTV Playlists together into one large playlist.

How Do You Remove IPTV Channels?

Another great feature that m3u4u provides is the ability to remove channels from an IPTV playlist. The site will allow you to quickly hide entire categories. So if you have family and don’t want them to have access to adult channels that are provided by your IPTV source, it’s easy to quickly go into Playlists > Editor and bulk hide as many categories as you want.

The same applies to individual channels as well. You can hide/sort your channels any way you choose. I personally take the time to try all of the channels and remove one’s that either don’t work or are duplicates.

How do I get an EPG or Electronic Program Guide?

The last step in creating the perfect IPTV setup is to match all of your channels with an EPG source. There are many paid options available and your IPTV provider may have one but oftentimes these are either too expensive or too limited to of much use. I hate scrolling through a list of channels with no programs attached. Luckily m3u4u also provides an excellent EPG for free. It can take some time to manually set up but if you’ve reduced your channels to just the ones you want, it shouldn’t take too long. If you go to the top menu under EPG > Manager, you can add or edit an existing EPG. The key to using the freely provided one is to make sure you select m3u4u as the source.

Once you’ve selected m3u4u as the source you will have to go to the Assign EPG and go through each channel to match them with the correct channel guide. You can try and have the site do it automatically, but from my experience, you’ll still have to go through and manually match a lot of the channels.

How do you add the custom m3u to your favorite IPTV App?

The final step is to download or grab the link to your own customized .m3u. If you go back to the Playlists > Manager, on the right side of the playlist you want to export there is a downward arrow:

Once you select this, you’ll be given a few options. The easiest is to grab the link and either copy it or save it somewhere you can quickly reference. Simply add this new m3u to your IPTV app and it should automatically grab the EPG. If not, you can always go into the EPG section of the site and also save that link. One word of caution is to not repeatedly try to grab the information from the site, you will potentially be warned and then banned. It’s best to have your IPTV app refresh once every 24 hours.

The final bonus with this site is that you can also add icons for all of your channels. This just makes things look better in your IPTV app. If you have any other questions, they have a great wiki available that will have answers to most problems or issues.

Best IPTV App

If you’re looking for a great IPTV app to use your newly created playlist, TiviMate IPTV is a great option that will work with just about any Android device, including the Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max.



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