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Keyboard Hotkeys for Quickly Changing Monitor Screens on Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has several hotkeys to help you quickly move around. If you’re anything like myself, you have a multi-screen setup for your main computer and use Chrome Remote Desktop to remotely access it. The one frustrating thing I found with this setup is that it takes multiple clicks to switch between your screens. Luckily, if you like working in Chrome Remote Desktop they have provided some keyboard shortcuts. Once enabled, it makes things much smoother when switching between the active screens (or monitors).

  1. Open the Session options by clicking on the arrow at the right or left of your screen.
  2. Click on Configure keyboard shortcuts
  3. Choose Enable
  4. Pick a Modifier key that you don’t normally use for typing, I choose the ` key as it’s close to the numbers on my keyboard and I never use it.Chrome Remote Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Once this is setup, all you need to do to switch between monitor screens is to hold the Modifier key and hit 1 or 2. If you hold the Modifier key for an extra second or so, it will remind you of the other hotkeys you can choose. You can switch between monitor screens by hitting the Modifier key and the left or right.

Hope this helps you set things up for a smoother Remote Desktop session.

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