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1 Step Guide to Finding a Great Niche Today

Picking the ‘right’ niche is the most difficult part of starting any personal website. There are any number of companies that can host your website once you decide what it is. There are several factors that go into finding a niche, such as profitability, interest, and market saturation. Apparently, I have similar interests to most people on the internet because almost all of the niches I’m interested in, seem to be full of well-established websites already. If you’ve spent any time searching on Google or through Reddit it seems that everyone has a method for finding a niche, that they’re willing to sell you.

One Step to Finding a Niche

There is no real secret to finding your niche, just follow your passion. What interests or hobbies do you enjoy? You may already know a lot about something in particular or you may have an interest that you want to explore further. There is nothing wrong with picking a niche you don’t know much about, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn more about it. The key to picking any niche, is to find something that you won’t be bored writing about in a month or even 6 months. Starting and sustaining a good website, particularly if you choose to do all the writing yourself, is to pick something you have a lot of interest in. If you want to enjoy working on your website for years to come, make sure you pick something you’re interested in.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Niche

  1. What are some of the abilities that come easy to you?
    • Do you enjoy woodworking, electrical work, or do you have a set of skills that you could answer a lot of questions about?
  2. How do you like to spend your time while you’re not working?
    • Do you have any hobbies or do you spend time collecting things? If you have a collection and have specific knowledge about it, there are always people with questions.
  3. Do others you know, such as friends, family, and coworkers, seek your guidance on various issues?
    • What are your friends or family members always asking you to help or fix? Are you great at repairing things around the house, do they ask you for fashion advice? Maybe you are great at cooking a very specific type of food.
  4. Where do you generally go when fixing problems?
    • Have you ever looked up answers on Youtube or Reddit before? Both are great places with an almost unlimited amount of knowledge. If you’ve ever responded to someone’s questions before, in a forum or even in the comments section, this information can easily be turned into blog posts that others are interested in.
  5. What kinds of things do you take pleasure in learning about?
    • As mentioned before, you enjoy learning about a specific topic, this is ideal, because you will not only spend an enormous amount of time writing about your niche, you’ll also need to spend time researching.
  6. How many topic ideas can you think of for the niche you’re thinking of?
    • One thing I like to do before I pick any niche, is to come up with 20 to 25 possible blog post ideas. If I get stuck after 5 or 6, I know that the website may start off well, but I will quickly lose interest and abandon the site. It helps to look at a site such as Answer the Public, which provides a lot of good topics based on the classic who, what, why, when, where and how questions. You can do several searches a day for free before it wants you to sign up.

Final Notes When Picking a Niche

Profitability should always come last when picking a niche. If you enjoy the topic enough and love researching and writing about it, others will pick up on that and you can always monetize that traffic at a later date. Picking a niche was always tough for me to wrap my head around as I have a lot of diverse interests and I had difficulty narrowing things down. This site is a prime example of that as it is pretty broad. If you are interested in finding more information about potential keywords and competition, be sure to check out Ubersuggest. You get 3 searching per day (more if you sign up or use a VPN) and it’s been a valuable tool in helping determine potential keywords for a few of my websites. Good luck on your journey!



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